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299 Radio-Active Minerals Lithium a Decomposition-Product of Copper by Radium Emanation, Sir William Ramsay and Alex. Cameron do not think that lithium is the sole product obtained when salts of copper are treated with radium emanation^ but that its presence can be explained only by supposing that such a change takes place. They have observed that the weight of the alkaline residue 6btained is greater after than be- fore treatment with the emanation, and that the spectrum of the residue shews the yellow sodium lines, and the potassium spectrum is also visible. Hence they are convinced that the decomposition of copper yields mem- bers of its group, /. Buy Doxycycline products Buy Doxycycline may depend upon unknown circumstances. It is possible that lithium is not a constant product of the action of the emana- tion on copper salts, but that the presence of other metals may determine its formation. Chem. News, April 10, 1908, 179; from Compt. rend.^ 146 (1908), No. 9. Radio-Active Minerals Presence of Lithium, Mile. Gleditsch has determined the amount of lithium in certain radio-active minerals spec- troscopically by comparing the intensity of lithium lines in the residue, after dissolving the mineral and separating the other constituents, with the intensity of the corresponding lines in artificial mixtures containing lithium. The results obtained were as follows : Copper, I Lithium, per cent. | per cent. Activity referred to uranium. Joachimstal pitchblende . Colorado pitchblende. .. Camotite Cornwall chalcolite Aatunite ... Thorite 1.2 .1 0.IC .; 0.15 ., 6.54 Buy Doxycycline Trace 0.00017 0.00034 0.30 0.0001 1 0.00083 ox)033 1-5 1.75 0.52 2.0 M8 0.59 The relatively large amount of lithium in camotite is interesting, es- pecially as the mineral contains but little copper. The results obtained do not contradict Ramsay's theory of the transformation of copper into lithium, though they do not support it ; they show, however, that there is no simple ratio between the copper and lithium in radio-active minerals. Chem. News, April 3, 1908, 167 ; from Compt. rend., 146 (1908), No. 7 Digitized by Google 300 REPORT ON THE PROGRESS OF PHARMACY. ARSENIC. Colloidal Arseniutn Preparation and Buy Doxycycline Characters, V. Buy Doxycycline Auger states that when a solution of arsenic chloride in absolute alcohol, cooled to -15 C, is treated with a similar solution of hypophosphorous acid at the same temperature, and the mixture is maintained below 0 C, reduction speedily takes place, and is complete in two hours, with the formation of an ochraceous yellow precipitate. If this is collected, washed free from
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